I have participated in years of counseling and after being coached by Susan I really felt that the whole experience was much more enlightening.  The coaching experience really got to the heart of what was keeping me STUCK.  Susan asked empowering questions that helped me come up with some solutions that I never encountered in all my years of conventional counseling.

I also loved the way Susan would remind me to use a solution which has worked for me in my life before, and that was to include God in the solution; without Him in my life on a continuous basis, I knew the solutions wouldn’t work anyway.

I whole-heartedly recommend coaching in general to everyone and coaching with Susan in particular.  I believe God has gifted Susan with the ability to encourage and direct people by coaching them past old hurts, problems, etc. and onto leading more productive lives.

Lori J.



Susan Hampton supported me with her uniquely useful technique.  With laser focused coaching, she assisted me in getting to the source of an issue and discovering how to heal it.  As a resource, Susan has a wealth of knowledge.

Marifran Korb


My experience with Life Coach Susan Hampton was wonderful, rewarding, satisfying, and energizing. Before my coaching sessions, I had become acquainted with Susan, and admired who she was as a person, her approach to life, and her communication skills. She had commanded my respect, so I sought the opportunity to work with her, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. Through gentle questioning, and some assessment tools, she was quickly able to help me identify my issues. Some were almost as old as I am; other situations popped into my life, during the course of my work with Susan. In both cases, she had an amazing way of helping me understand myself, helping me deal with frustrations, obstacles, and showing me how to get out of my own way. I was continually fascinated with the variety of tools that Susan used in our journey together. I found the process fun, joyful, and will be forever grateful to Susan for the gift of light that she was able to help me find within myself, and that she was able to shine on me!

kathy b.



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Susan Hampton

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